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These are self "portrait" pictures taken using a strong flash light illuminating through my skin/hands. No Photoshop was used to produce them although I had to adjust the white balance to cut down the red from the lit blood of the body and bring up the other colors.

Leave comments and let me know if you enjoy them. I'll experiment more with the technique.

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Keywords:abstract, back light, fingers, hands

Guestbook for Mani Potenti

This is a pretty original set of images. Keep up the good work, I think you are on to something here! I also seem to see lava flow, etc. as Katrina suggests
Katarina Silva(non-registered)
Dear Jose,

I am in love with your fingers series! Fantastic work!

I am delighted to think that I may have inspired you in this direction. Thank you! However, the way you present yourself appears so far removed from the way I do: You seem to engage the viewer most intimately with your micro-shots, and in playful, challenging ways as well, as we are left to ponder what parts of your fingers you have turned into art.

What gorgeous colors and light you warped around such rich pockets of darkness! The interplay between the two gives this series, in my opinion, a primal heat that seems to stretch back to the times of prehistoric volcanic eruptions! I like the way my mind views larger, nearly cosmic landscapes in the microcosmic landscapes of your skin, your hairs, the texture on your fingers.

It is hard to choose a favorite as these are surely to be appreciated as a set, however, I am drawn to the clasping fingers with the fingertips facing upwards. Brilliant! There is so much potential symbolism in your work, that finding it engaging is not a problem at all. Plus, it is quite beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing it with me, Jose. I wish you the best!

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