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This gallery was generated using a digital processing technique that transforms pictures from rectangular to polar coordinates.

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The World of Mariana, MG - BrazilThe World of Minneapolis #2The World of Minneapolis #1The World of YosemiteThe World of Carmel #3The World of Carmel #2The World of Carmel #1The World of DisneylandThe World of Mysore, IndiaThe World of India #2The World of India #1The World of Tenente Portela#2The World of Maverick SurfingThe World of Milk DropsThe World of Paraty#2The World of Paraty#1The World of The Getty MuseumThe World of Mono LakeThe World of the DeadThe World of Tenente Portela#1

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Beautiful pictures Jose.
Tom Ledbetter(non-registered)
Beautiful and breathtaking photography! Your passion for this shows in each photo!
Jose Carlos(non-registered)
Paraty, India, Milk drops and Carmel... some fascinating images... creative mathematical transformation providing fantastic renderings of already superb images.
Abraços! ;-)
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